summer house in Syros

A summer house in Posidonia, Syros, with independent Guest House and swimming pool. An architectural reference to the dual nature of Syros, which constantly balances between the vernacular and the neoclassical, the Catholic community and the Orthodox one, the natives and the immigrants, the commerce and agriculture, the organic and the Cartesian regularity.

The volume of the main house, with stone walls crowned by exposed concrete, which stretches on two levels, is in constant dialogue and contraposition with the rendered volume of the guest house.

The `ceremonial` linear approach from the street to the building complex gradually reveals the view but also the buildings themselves, with the guest house marking the turn of course to the right, from which entry to both the house and the guest house occurs, in an area where the architectural experience aims at the creative tension between the two entities.

In the background and at an angle an inclined retaining wall guides the visitor and the eye to the area of the pool, while in the same time supports the pergola providing protection. The pool with its edge to the unobstructed view, visually joins the eye with the sea beyond and to the east.

The upper level of the house accommodates the living room, the dining room, the kitchen as well as a work space with view to the sea, along with support spaces, while ample verandas and patios are located to the north and east of the house. The lower level accommodates the bedrooms with east orientation and, as well as all the necessary secondary support spaces. The bedrooms have their own exclusive veranda in contact with the natural ground, and with the same unobstructed view to the horizon towards the east.

The roof of the house (green roof) is vegetated, with endemic plants and stretches over the entrance canopy and merges with the natural ground to the west.

The volume of the guest house is cubic, of square plan, and its elevations are rendered with the local style of `sardelaki`.

The openings in both buildings are equipped with timber folding shutters, and in the main house timber clad aprons give a unified timber surface when the shutters are closed, from floor to the concrete parapet.

In the landscaping, hard surfaces are only created where needed, while a sunk sitting area on the ridge of the hill provide views both to the west towards the bay of Finikas as well as to the east and the sea